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Connecting Content with Your Buyer

Carter Stepanovsky, Senior Director of Professional Services at Kapost, visits with host Angela Earl. They discuss how to launch a Content Operation through communication and enablement efforts, strategy changes and technology.

A Return to Always On Marketing

B2B marketing has been notorious for having a stop-start-stop-start mentality. For the last decade, the B2B world has been lead-centric and therefore, we’ve been programmed to think in terms of “campaigns.” The current generation of marketers are quick to launch a new program or react to the next thing sales asks for, making it difficult to gain customer momentum and scale revenue. Listen in as Scott Vaughan, Chief Growth officer of Integrate, explores a return to always-on marketing efforts.

Turning Customer Feedback Into Buyer-Centered Campaigns

Many teams go through the process of gathering feedback from their clients, former clients, and prospects but many struggle to use that data to create and deploy buyer-centered campaigns. Tune in to this episode of Martalk as Mark Evertz of The Pedowitz Group shares his excavation process, how to turn your discovery into productive campaigns, and which technology is required to deliver leads that close.

Measurement + Optimization with Erin Kelley of Annuitas

Host Angela Earl talks with Erin Kelley, Vice President of Strategy at Annuitas, about what marketers should be thinking about for best-in-class measurement and optimization.

Putting Artificial Intelligence to Work: with guest George Verey of Hubb

George Verey, Marketing and Sales Operations at Hubb, talks with host Angela Earl about how to put Artificial Intelligence to work.

Put your account-based plans into action: with guests Nida Chughtai and Asher Mathew

Host Angela Earl interviews Nida Chughtai, vice president of Marketing at Mintigo, and Asher Mathew, vice president of Business Development for Lean Data. They talk about leveraging an account-based approach.

Introduction with host Angela Earl

An introduction with host Angela Earl.

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